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Reasonable Suspicion: DOT Drug & Alcohol Training for Supervisors/2Hr Package

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Reasonable Suspicion Training


We offer alcohol and drug training for supervisors needing DOT required education and awareness for signs and symptoms of workplace substance abuse to support their drug-free workplace policies and procedures. This is the one hour alcohol and one hour training for drugs of abuse.

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Buy by phone or online above. Phone 1-800-626-4327 if your need is urgent, otherwise this product comes in a complete package. The web course format is our recommendation if you must reach supervisors who are widely dispersed in field offices that make it difficult to gather them in one spot for training.


With the PowerPoint training option, you receive the trainer's notes and reproducible handouts include Certificate of Completion. You also get a post-training test of 35 Question with answers to give the learners.


This training program addresses the one hour alcohol and one hour drug education training program for supervisors required by the DOT. One of it's most unique features is alcoholism education. Unless you train supervisors in understanding alcoholism, they will not be effective. We blow away and dispel myths about alcoholism because we are treatment professionals and workplace employee assistance experts who know how to address the misconceptions about alcoholism.


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The web course option includes professinal narration. You may also have us insert your drug policy as a PDF, or other printable handouts. The course includes test questions, feedback on wrong answers, and a scored, personalized, time-stamped, Certificate of Completion. You own this course. There is no linking to us, per user frees, subscription costs, or other hiddent charges.

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Reasonable Suspicion Training Features

This reasonable suspicion training program is produced in six formats: PowerPoint (Sound and No Sound), DVD, Web Course, Flash Movie, or Self-play CDs


The Web-based Reasonable Suspicion Training course goes on your Web site. You easily train every supervisor, eliminate the stragglers, and meet the DOT requirements. It can include your policies and procedures as optional pop-ups.


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There are no "per user fees". The Web course is one flat fee. You own it. You control it. It goes directly on your web site so can send employees to it with a one click, one link request.

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This is a Reasonable Suspicion Training Program that meets DOT education requirements and is available in multiple formats to meet your training preferences. You may preview the entire course (sent to you for 60 days at no cost or obligation.) Return shipping is included if you don't make a purchase.

Format options include Web course format, Flash for your website, Self-playing CD, DVD for Standard DVD player, and/or PowerPoint with Sound or without Sound for "stand-up" live presentations. Almost anything can be customized. Handouts and Reproducibles are included.

The Web course (our most popular) permits long distance training. It includes a Certificate of Completion (scored, personalized, and date-stamped); pop-up reasonable suspicion training handouts--see them here at back button to return--test questions with score on the certificate, and if you e-mail us your policy or other unique documents, we will insert them so they appear during the course (optional, but small fee). The certificate can be printed, faxed, or emailed to the testing coordinator. There is no product or service of this type available anywhere except at

This truly is a unique product because you don't log in to us. You own the course. It's yours to keep so you avoid those "per user fee" and set-up costs other companies charge. Do you have a "LMS" or learning management system in place? No sweat. This course integrates. Simply tell us what LMS you are using so we can run it for compatibility. Do you have any questions? Here's what to do next. . .


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[[CLIP]]: Reasonable Suspicion Training: Reasonable Suspicion Training Education Module (from Part 1)

[[CLIP]]: Reasonable Suspicion Training: Alcohol and Drug Education Module (from Part. 2)

Here's what one Safety Official had to say:

"This was easy for me to modify to meet my needs today--exactly what I was looking for. I needed to develop a course quickly, but I didn't want to kill myself doing it. The content was well developed and broad enough that I could adjust the run time by dropping a few slides rather than having to add slides to make it longer. Thanks!"

-- Cliff McPherson, Panhandle Energy, Houston, TX

Explanation of Formats

Train supervisors and motivate them to act on the organization's reasonable suspicion testing policy. You get a motivating reasonable suspicion training module and the major portion of our supervisor training program for substance abuse, along with handouts and certificate of completion elements. You'll solidly educate supervisors about workplace substance abuse.

Did you know that many organizations have drug testing policies but no reasonable suspicion training for supervisors? Intoxicated teachers at schools, restaurant workers, hospital employees, hotel workers, counter clerks, construction workers, maintenance employees, and many others may be drunk or using drugs on the job. And, they aren't covered by the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations! We wrote this program to reach them.

Five fact sheets are included with each module above. See the Reasonable Suspicon Fact Sheets here. We even include content and a tip sheet on responding to statements made by employees when they are confronted for referral to reasonable suspicion testing.

Overview of Contents

  • Introduction to concepts • personal problems as symptoms • addictive disease and related definitions • common supervisor myths • dollars and “sense” of intervention • major drug categories and types • EAP services for supervisors • all about alcohol •more about alcoholism • workplace occurrence rates • understanding tolerance
  • Also Includes: Cross-tolerance and cross-addiction • Loss of control--what it really means • Understanding denial • Drug photos, categories,symptoms, etc.• Performance signs and symptoms • What to measure with job performance • Avoiding armchair diagnosis • Enabling: coworkers • Supervisors, and others • World’s most enabling statement ("He's a functional alcoholic!") • Nothing mysterious about treatment • Constructive confrontation of problem behavior • Follow-up with employees referred to for help.
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training Outline: 1) Sharpening Your Observational Skills; 2) Taking a Proactive Role; 3) Documenting Your Suspicion; 4) Acting on the Drug Testing Policy; 5) Communicating Your Suspicion to the Employee.
  • Important Information About this Training Program: The goal of this program is to motivate supervisors, increase their awareness, reduce enabling, and improve their willingness to cooperate with the drug-free workplace policy of the employer.  Use this training program to educate supervisors in non-DOT work settings, too--like schools, construction, nursing, and many other work settings where reasonable suspicion for workplace substance abuse places others at risk.

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